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Based near Whitefish, Montana, Two Bear Air Rescue provides world-class aviation support for Search and Rescue operations across the Northwest United States. Using the most advanced technology …..the ultimate mission of Two Bear Air Rescue is saving lives.  Whitefish philanthropist Michael Goguen supports all costs of this program leaving zero cost to the taxpayers.  This commitment includes the purchase of the helicopters, all maintenance, operating costs, hangar facilities, pilots, crewmembers and extensive training.

The helicopter currently used in the program is a Hoist equipped, twin engine Bell Helicopter 429.  The Bell 429 gives the Two Bear Air Rescue team the ability to safely perform rescues in remote places where they may not be able to land a helicopter for miles.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need search and rescue helicopters?

Flathead County in Montana spans 5,098 square miles and has some of the most dramatic features of any county in the US. Approximately 94% of the land mass is National or State Forest Land, wilderness, agricultural, and corporate timber land, thus confining development to the remaining 6% of the area.  Two-thirds of the 90,000 Flathead County residents live outside of incorporated cities.  From snow-capped 10,000+ foot glacier peaks to some of the cleanest water in the world, residents and visitors are drawn to enjoy the natural resources and rugged atmosphere of this area.  With this influx of growth it has also brought more people into secluded areas requiring additional search and rescue resources.

How long has the Two Bear Air Rescue program been active?

Two Bear Air Rescue began flying missions in January 2012.  The Bell 429 began flying missions in November 2013.

How are flights sent on missions?

The requesting agency calls Flathead County 911 Center.  Then the request is sent to the Flathead County Sheriff and Search and Rescue Coordinator for dispatch.

How does Two Bear Air Rescue interact with ambulance services, fire agencies, or local law enforcement?

Two Bear Air Rescue provides Search and Rescue services, working in conjunction with ground ambulances and Air ambulance services by coordinating transfer of rescue victims for transport to local hospitals. Two Bear Air Rescue missions are under the jurisdiction of the Flathead County Sheriff while on missions within Flathead County.

What types of aircraft are flown?

Bell 429 — state-of-the-art twin-engine, light helicopter that is equipped with a Rescue Hoist and Infrared camera system.

How is Two Bear Air Rescue funded?

Whitefish philanthropist Mike Goguen provides all costs of Two Bear Air Rescue including the purchase of the helicopters. He also funds all associated training, operation and maintenance costs.

How is the Two Bear Air Rescue program different from Air Ambulances?

Two Bear Air Rescue works in conjunction with Air ambulances by coordinating transfer of rescue victims for transport to local hospitals.

What is the Two Bear Air Rescue service area?

Currently Two Bear Air Rescue services Montana, Idaho and Eastern Washington.



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