Snowmobiler Buried by Avalanche

McCall, Idaho – February 11, 2017

see video here

A Snowmobiler was just enjoying the sunny day when he suddenly found himself being swept down the mountain in an avalanche.  The man had parked on the top of a ridge with some other snowmobilers and the cornice broke away taking the man down the slope.  The man was buried but somehow managed to clear snow around his body.   The snowmobilers on the ridge called for help and Valley County Sheriff dispatched a Life Flight helicopter out of Boise Idaho and notified Search and Rescue.  When the Life Flight crew arrived on scene they found a large avalanche debris area.  They searched the area and found a hole with movement inside.  The terrain made it impossible to land so they requested help from Two Bear Air Rescue to extract the man.  Two Bear Air Rescue Crew headed to the location and found the man with two others in the debris slope well below the ridgeline.  The two other men had scaled down the mountain and dug the man out and were tending to the man.  Two Bear Air inserted a Rescue Specialist via the hoist and extracted the man.  He was flown to McCall Airport where he was transferred the Life Flight helicopter.